Sunday, January 8, 2012


This past week was a busy one for all of us on the farm.  On Friday we let the sheep in with #13 in the pasture around the barn... and #13 was not too happy about this.  He immediately charged the sheep and proceeded to chase them in circles around the whole pasture until we were able to distract him with some alfalfa and tie him up in the barn.  Later that day after we had released him #13 seemed to have become more tolerant, and since then they've all been peacefully coexisting.  Unfortunately the sheep are still terrified of #13 and are very careful not to get close to him.

#13 eying the intruders
Earlier in the week we moved all of our now 2 month old chicks out of their comfy heated kiddie pool and out into the real world.  The adult chickens we moved into their winter home: a make shift coop inside our equipment shed.  We also decided to experiment with letting our adult chickens and ducks free range.  So far it's been a great success.  We haven't lost any to predators and the birds have never looked happier.

First step into the great outdoors
Chickens in the front lawn

Our magnificent Delaware rooster

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