Monday, June 27, 2011

First Sales

It's official.  My needle felting business is off the ground!  I have now made my first Etsy sale and have also sold my first commissioned work.  Below are pictures of my first commission, a red fox kit.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Thank you Farm School and fellow STUFAs!

My latest big project was this great blue heron taking flight.  I made it for the Farm School to help them raise money at their annual fund raising party, The Big Pig Gig.  It was intended to be my way of saying thank you for introducing me to the world of needle felting and for all the support provided by the Farm School staff and by my fellow student farmers.  If it were not for their encouragement I would never have considered the possibility that I might become an artist.

The heron itself ended up not being used for the fund raising auction, but was instead formally presented as a gift from the entire Farm School community to Chef Peter Davis of Henrietta's Table in Boston.  Chef Davis for the past several years has generously donated his restaurant, his time and his food to host the Big Pig Gig, an event that traditionally raises most of the money that keeps the Farm School running.