Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Eurasian Tree Sparrow for Popo (grandmother)

Below is a time-lapse video showing the making of a needle felted wool Eurasian tree sparrow.  The sparrow is made of wool around a steel wire armature.  The story behind this piece is that it is a birthday present for my grandmother who is turning 93 this year.  I chose this particular species of bird because of something she once told me.  My grandmother is a very talented painter and she studied traditional chinese painting when she lived in Taiwan many years ago.  She has several of her paintings hanging around her apartment and a few of her paintings of bamboo groves have sparrows depicted flying around the bamboo trees.  When I asked her about them she explained to me that her instructor was a famous painter himself and was very difficult to impress.  But whenever he was particularly impressed by a student's painting he would add his own sparrows to it.  My grandmother has therefore always treasured these painted sparrows.  I thought the Eurasian tree sparrow was most likely the species her instructor had depicted as it is native to both China and Taiwan, and my hope is that it will hold special meaning for her.