Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cedar Waxwing

I finally have a sculpture up for sale on Etsy!  I've been making practically nothing but custom dog portraits for the past few months but I finally had a chance to make something just for fun this week.  And since I love birds, I decided to make this life-size Cedar Waxwing you see below.


  1. Your waxwing is tremendous! As a needlefelter, I know how much work goes into something like this.
    I too had never sculpted before and now I love creating these pieces out of wool. Keep on going...and good luck with farming! We have a small farm but are taking a break from farm animals for now until summer. First time in 12 years we don't have to get up at the crack of dawn!!!

    1. Hi Kerry, Thank you so much. It's great to know that there are actually other farmer/needlefelters out there! Best of luck with your farm and your art as well.