Thursday, September 8, 2011

We have Sheep!

Today Emma and I drove out to Red Brick Road Farm to pick up our sheep.  It had to be the most beautiful farm we had ever seen.  The sheep were free to roam around a large area encompassing a small patch of forest, a beautiful creek and an expansive pasture.
So we now have 6 sheep: 1 ram lamb, 3 ewe lambs, and 2 adult ewes.  They are all Icelandics, one of the most ancient breeds of domestic sheep in the world.  They've been around for 1100 years!

    our young ram

    mutual suspicion

So far this week has been an extremely busy one for our farm.  Aside from preparing for the arrival of our sheep, Emma and I built another mobile coop for our chickens, ground hundreds of pounds of chicken/duck feed and on Friday we moved the chicks out to join the ducklings on pasture.

    do you think it's safe?

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