Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The last couple of weeks have been a bit traumatic for our poor chickens.  We lost nine of them to various predators.  Five of the casualties we never found any trace of, which probably means they were taken away by a hawk.  The rest were left headless by either a skunk or a weasel (they like to just eat the heads and drink the blood).  This week we are trying to keep Adzuki outside with them as much as possible and that seems to be helping so far.
Our sheep meanwhile are doing very well.  The first few days after we brought them to our farm they were scared of us but we've managed to win their love through bribery, using treats of grain and tree branches full of delicious leaves (for some reason their favorite food in the world seems to be trees of any type).  Now they come running to greet us and follow us around their paddock. 

Our ram, who we've decided to name Heimdal, after the guardian of the gods from Norse  mythology.  (Thanks Adam for the suggestion!)

I'm still keeping busy with my needle-felting.  I've been doing a lot of dog portraits lately as you can see:

An enormous Tibetan mastiff named Cider

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