Friday, March 15, 2013


photo by Lisa Smith and Caroline Linder
Last week Emma and I had a visit from Lisa Smith and Caroline Linder co-founders of the Chicago-based design startup, ODLCO.   They had contacted me the week before about possibly carrying my felted animals in their online store and I invited them to come see them in person.  They were also very interested in our farm because as it turns out, their mission is quite similar to our own.  ODLCO produces household products on a small scale and supports other independent designers by marketing their products as well.  Whereas Emma and I are trying to support the return to small-scale, local food production, ODLCO is doing the same thing with household goods. 
So as of today my felted animals are on sale at ODLCO's design shop.  So far what's up for sale are 5 simpler, less expensive animals (sheep, donkey, duck, pig, black cat) which depending on how they sell I will produce more of, and 3 more intricate and expensive pieces (grizzly bear, chipping sparrow and dramatic chipmunk).  Also be sure to check out ODLCO's latest blog entry.  I think this may be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!


  1. Congrats on getting into their shop! We hope lots of people will see, love and buy your beautiful animals there. Keep up the fantastic job!

  2. love them all - most of them the sweet pig!

    1. Thanks a lot! The pig and the donkey are special to me because they're some of the first pieces I ever made.