Monday, May 7, 2012


 I didn't have time to do any needle felting this week!  We transplanted all of our Chinese cabbage and bok choi into the field, went to our first market, moved our sheep and cow out of the barn and into the big pasture, moved all 6 pigs together into a single large paddock and moved our ducklings out into a new outdoor coop.  We also had another lambing but unfortunately this time it was a single stillborn lamb.  Iris, the runt of our flock was the would be mother.  Because of her small size we were a little worried about her ability to give birth so we are just relieved that she made it through unharmed.

Emma transplanting bok choi

Our honeybees delivering full pollen baskets (the  big yellow balls stuck to their hind legs)  The pollen is used as their main source of protein and is fed to the queen so that she can pump out lots of eggs.


  1. Hey there farm friend !! So happy Emma gave me the link to your blog. But so sad to hear about the loss of your lamb, but so happy to see pics of your beautiful felt work. Oh man , I can't wait to see them in person. They are gorgeous and I am going to start saving for a horse one right away. Enjoy the wattles!

    PS. If you are followed by someone named Cindy...beware..shes' all SPAM!

    1. Hi Donna!
      Thank you so much! Yes, we were sad about losing the lamb the other day but this morning we went out to do chores and found another brand new healthy lamb in the pasture! Also we love the red wattle piglets. We moved them in with the guinea hogs and they are getting along fine (for the most part). They are also growing incredibly fast!