Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring has definitely arrived

The past couple weeks have been a little bit crazy around the farm.  We practically doubled our animal population over the course of a week (well if you count the bees we increased it by a factor of 1000 or so).  We got the 2 lambs I mentioned in my last post, 2 bee colonies, 100 chicks, 30 ducklings and 4 piglets.  In addition to all this we were working in the vegetable field every day planting bok choy, daikon radish, turnips, snow peas, mizuna, komatsuna, shungiku, turnip greens, mitsuba and transplanting our chinese cabbages.  I didn't even have time to do any needle felting for a whole week!

Number 1
Number 2
Freedom Ranger chicks are bred to do very well on pasture
These Khaki Campbell ducklings are going to lay lots of eggs for us when they grow up

Red Wattle cross piglets from our certified organic neighbors at South Pork Ranch


  1. Oh! How lovely your babies are! Stunning photos as well!

  2. Thanks a lot Kerry! Sorry for the very late reply, we've been going non-stop for the past few weeks. Haven't even had time to needle felt!