Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shorn Icelandic sheep look ridiculous

Yesterday we had our sheep shorn and the results were pretty comical.  Our sheep seem to have shrunk to about half their original size.

Isabelle?  What happened to you?


  1. It is hilarious. Yours are in great shape, looking very healthy! I have 3 Shetlands and two Jacob sheep. The shetlands are huge with wool right now and will look like little dogs when shorn!

    Do you milk your Icelandics? I'm about to buy some Icelandics for milking and fiber. Very curious about sheep milking.


    1. Hi Laura,
      Thanks a lot! It's nice to hear from an experienced shepherd that our sheep look healthy. We're not really sure how they're supposed to look under all that wool. Our Icelandics are for wool and the lambs will be for meat. We'll be selling most of our lambs through a meat CSA we are planning to start in the fall. Plus, this is our first lambing season so we haven't had a chance to try any milking yet. Sorry I can't give you any good advice about that.
      Anyway, I took a look at your website and I love your work. Your elephant is amazing! It's so great to meet another farmer/needle felter!
      What other sorts of things do you do on your farm? You mentioned your husband grows vegetables. Do you market those as well?