Sunday, February 26, 2012

Farm Update

Our 25 mature hens are now laying an average of 20 eggs a day!  Today they set a new record of 23.  We passed our egg producer inspection last week so we will soon be getting our egg license.  If anyone is in Champaign/Urbana or Chicago and would like a steady supply of organically fed, free range eggs let me know!  We are producing 10 dozen eggs/week right now but by the end of April we will be producing as many as 40 dozen/week.  We only have 4 female ducks for the time being but they've also started to lay: about a dozen/week.
Today my mother came to visit us from Chicago and she helped us get started on our brand new greenhouse.  Hopefully it will be up by the end of the week...

Packing on a few pounds
Isabelle being friendly as always

Heimdal, all grown up


  1. Healthy, happy farm animals...what more could you ask for?! Maybe you could find a restraunt who would buy your eggs. We always had people asking for eggs especially free range. Your ram looks lovely, although a bit intimidating as well!

  2. Yeah we have to be careful around Heimdal now. We got a bit lulled into a false sense of security since he was so friendly. One day I was in the sheep paddock working on their portable shelter and Isabelle came up and started nuzzling me. Then BAM! Heimdal had snuck up behind me and headbutted me in the back. It was mating season and I think he thought I was trying to steal his girl. So since then we've been more cautious around him.
    As far as eggs go, since we only have 10 dozen or so per week we've just been selling to family and friends so far. But by the end of April we'll have more like 40 dozen a week so we will bring them with us to the farmer's market.