Thursday, December 22, 2011


Yesterday our friends and neighbors Terry and Judy Bachtold of Grazin' Acres Farm came by to deliver our cow (technically steer), #13.  #13 is a 4-5 month old black angus steer, or castrated bull.  Terry and Judy have a great farm just a few minutes south of us where they raise 100% grass fed black angus cattle for beef.  Terry works for the Natural Resource Conservation Service of the USDA and is our advisor on government natural resource conservation, and technical assistance programs, and Judy is our mail lady.  I just love small towns! 
So Emma and I spent much of this week putting up an electric fence around the one acre of pasture in front of Mr. Harms' barn.  This is where #13 will be spending the winter, with free access to the barn and he will be joined by our sheep in a couple weeks.  Yesterday our good friend from Farm School,  Lee Smith arrived and she will be staying with us and helping us out for the week.  She helped us move him into his new home and I was glad to have her help because so far #13 seems to be a particularly fiesty little cow (by little I mean 500 lbs).  He tried to charge and head butt all three of us and he seems to like to charge at cars too.  Luckily he knows not to get too close to electric fences so hopefully we will not find him on the road chasing after passing cars tomorrow morning.

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