Friday, August 5, 2011

special delivery

Today was truly a momentous day for the Lucky Duck Farm (yes that's our name), as it marked the arrival of its very first batch of ducklings and chicks!  This morning Emma got a call from the post office to let her know that there was a box full of birds waiting for her.  When we got there we could hear the chirping before we even opened the door.

When we got them home everything went smoothly.  They loved their new home; a vinyl kiddy pool which we reinforced with PVC pipe.  This will serve as their home for about 3 weeks, after which we will move them onto pasture.  We bought their food from an organic farm just an hour away.  We bought enough chick starter to last for the first couple weeks and then after that we will be buying whole corn, wheat, oats and soybeans from them and grinding it into feed ourselves.  Our landlord's father, Herman Harms lives right down the road from us and has been extremely generous from day one.  He has an old John Deere tractor and a feed mill that runs off the tractor's power take-off, both of which he insists are ours to use (along with his barns, his pastures, his truck and every bit of farm equipment he owns).  Yesterday we had a great time grinding up our first, experimental batch of feed with Mr. Harms.  So we did discover that one of the ducklings had sadly died in transit, but we now have 25 ducklings and 51 chicks, all of whom are extremely healthy and energetic.

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